When I was young, I never thought anything great would ever happen for me

Moving through my teenage years, suffering from severe anxiety certainly didn’t help feeling confident or hopeful for a happy & fulfilling life. I constantly felt like the black sheep of the crowd and I ignored my yearnings out of fear and confusion. I always felt so miserable in my jobs and was terrible in school. I couldn’t fit into what everyone else was doing and I felt so far away from what I was actually yearning for that it almost led me to give up on the idea of living a great life. Until I just took one step forward in the direction that felt like mine. Those yearnings we have are life’s way of giving us a preview of what’s waiting in our future and our job is to pay attention to them. We all deserve to live a life that meets the visions we’re having for ourselves.

My biggest fear is that so many people might be giving up on themselves because they don’t see a way forward or fear the consequences that might come with taking a chance on themselves. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen to you. Deal?

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Are you seeing the gifts in your life?

Are you seeing the gifts in your life?

If you feel like life is passing you by, chances are you are simply not slowing down enough to pay attention to what is happening right in front of you or you’re not allowing yourself to ask some honest questions about your life. I believe that what we’re yearning for is life’s way of showing us the potential for our future. What we can achieve and what’s waiting for us if we are willing to let it in… We all have this tendency to be far out into the future, trying to plan every single step of our lives, trying to control the outcomes and waiting for life to send us what we’re thriving for. Now all this is great, when hoped for in small doses. If we depend on receiving only the things that we’ve planned to have, we can miss out on amazing gifts that are sent our way, in forms that we weren’t expecting. Maybe that dream house of yours just went on sale, but you missed it because it doesn’t match the picture perfect image that you had in mind (but has more to offer than what you would have ever imagined). Gifts are sent to us all the time, camouflaged in ways that challenges us to slow down enough to say ‘Hey wait a second, something here is intriguing me and I want to find out more’. But you need to slow down enough to tap into that curiosity and be able to work through the fear of exploring what is there. Then comes step two of the process of unwrapping the precious gifts... read more
Are you on the right path?

Are you on the right path?

Like many of us, you probably ask yourself sometimes if you’re on the right path, doing the right things, in the right job or with the right person. Wouldn’t it be nice to call up the universe and get the direct answer? I know personally that I would love for someone to just tell me sometimes…That said, we always have the answers inside of us and we can tap into them by not being scared to be honest with ourselves. What I’ve learned over the last year is to not be scared to question myself. Confusion actually comes from resisting asking the questions and bottling up the anxiety that comes with being scared of the answer. Asking yourself doesn’t mean that you’ll have to make an instant drastic decision, it just means that you’re giving yourself breathing space to get a little more clarity. What I mean is that if you knew that there were absolutely no repercussions from asking those questions, how would that feel? Free right? You always have the last word on what happens in your life so don’t fear the obligation of making a decision right away just because you’re allowing yourself to explore potential answers. Those thoughts, questions and curiosities that you have are yours. You can think them, explore them and imagine them as much as you want in your head. That is your sacred space to explore your life and the potential for your future. Remember that no one hears those thoughts but you, so they are safe to be explored. In the last year I’ve given myself full permission to question... read more

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