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When I was young, I never thought anything
great would ever happen for me


Moving through my teenage years, suffering from severe anxiety certainly didn’t help feeling confident or hopeful for a happy & fulfilling life. I constantly felt like the black sheep of the crowd and I ignored my yearnings out of fear and confusion. I always felt so miserable in my jobs and was terrible in school. I couldn’t fit into what everyone else was doing and I felt so far away from what I was actually yearning for that it almost led me to give up on the idea of living a great life. Until I just took one step forward in the direction that felt like mine. Those yearnings we have are life’s way of giving us a preview of what’s waiting in our future and our job is to pay attention to them. We all deserve to live a life that meets the visions we’re having for ourselves. My biggest fear is that so many people might be giving up on themselves because they don’t see a way forward or fear the consequences that might come with taking a chance on themselves.

Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen to you. Deal?


I want to help you put one foot in front of the other as you walk down the path that is yours

Some inspiration to get you started


Get ready to listen to your deepest yearnings and reach for your goals. In each episode we explore this complex journey of life, the struggles & successes along the way and deep insights we can get from paying attention.


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