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Holly Mother Teresa is entrepreneurship ever a journey. Successes, failures, struggles and lots of surprises that you wouldn’t expect. But why are more people not talking about what’s real? We are over saturated right now with success stories and posts going by on Facebook about how this person made so many millions and how that person got published on the Huffington Post. This is fantastic and I’m always the first to send a virtual high five to people succeeding, because I know what it means when you’ve put sweat in tears in for so long. I also think results are important but stories and the truth of it all is even more valuable, especially if we want to really serve others following our path.

Don’t get me wrong, becoming an entrepreneur is the best decision I’ve ever made. But I think we need to stop trying to make everything so shinny to make our marketing strategy stronger. Telling it like it is, is exactly what we’ve done in this podcast. I got two of my good business buddies and super inspiring entrepreneurs (Geneviève Colmer and Chrissy Gruninger) on a call with me to have a conversation about what it takes to succeed in business, lessons learned and to bring forth some very vulnerable parts of our journeys to share the real deal with you all. This conversation is insightful, funny and very helpful for any entrepreneur walking this path.

As a bonus, Geneviève also has a fabulous article that was published on the Huffington Post called What really happens when you quit your job to follow your dreams, which I think you will love. READ IT HERE »

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Genevieve Colmer, Red Fairy ProjectGENEVIÈVE COLMER

Geneviève is an international yoga teacher, speaker and founder of The Red Fairy Project, an online destination that offers daily doses of inspiration on how to live healthy and happy. She shares her time between Canada and Switzerland which allows her to connect with like-minded seekers from all corners of the world. Geneviève quit a lucrative job in the all consuming fashion industry three years ago to follow her dream of starting a purpose-based wellness business. Her willingness to take this brave leap has been the subject of several articles in renowned media including La Presse, Châtelaine and many more (view here).

Chrissy Gruninger, Sanguine CollectiveCHRISSY GRUNINGER

Chrissy is the owner of Social [media] Wellness, an international online marketing company. She primarily works with eco and wellness companies and individuals, or as she likes to say, “good people doing good things”. With a graduate degree in sustainable living along with health coaching and yoga certifications, she blends her background in conscious living with online marketing strategy, helping her clients bring their positive messages of wellbeing and harmony into the world.



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