Taking Responsibility for the Life You Want Through Intention, Action & Letting Go

Living a rich and extraordinary life starts with giving yourself permission to do so. A year ago I made the decision to leave my stable life behind, pack up my laptop, and my dog, and move to Mexico. It prompted the end of a 12-year relationship, and pulled me from the comfort of my closest friends and family.

Impulsive, risky, brave and freeing – my actions have been called many things. But no matter what others thought, the pain of staying where I was had simply become unbearable. I needed a leap of faith, and to trust in the journey of life.

I embraced this massive life change with confidence because of what I know about the art of making things happen.

This book is about sharing that art form as an accessible process. I want to inspire others through my story. To help them see that they never have to settle, and to embrace the changes that life and business will inevitably bring. I’m on a mission to help others see the potential that life can truly offer them.

When I was young, I remember trying to figure out where I would fit into the world I saw around me. It didn’t feel like anything great would ever happen for me. I was extraordinarily ambitious and had these intense yearnings for more out of life, but I didn’t really understand it at the time. I thought I was an unrealistic dreamer for wanting to grow up and be like Oprah and Richard Branson. Who was I – a small town girl from Quebec – to think that was possible?

I saw myself becoming a lost soul, filled with anxiety and unrealized creativity. I felt so far away from what I was yearning for, that I almost gave up on the idea of ever living a great life.

I knew that in order for something to happen, I had to choose between one of two challenges. Either the fear of trying and possibly failing, or the pain of staying where I was and settling.

So I took one step forward in the direction that felt like mine, and embraced the fear of failure. I became an entrepreneur and took the path less traveled. I took responsibility (and lots of risks), followed that inner pull, and slowly uncovered my leader within. I became someone who made extraordinary things happen on my own terms. And it still surprises and impresses me to this day!

Even if no one else was watching, choosing that path for my own happiness was enough. Because every new step forward in the direction that felt like mine, filled me with purpose and contentment.

But as it turns out, others were paying attention…

“I’m writing to tell you how much you inspire me. This week I watched one of your videos and read one of your articles and it brought me to the realization that after having my first child at a very young age, I just followed the flow of life without ever asking myself what I truly wanted… My current job truly doesn’t satisfy me. For years I’ve been reading about how to find the job of my dreams without much results but each time I look at how you’re living your life  and encouraging others to do the same it inspires me. Keep doing you great work because you truly  have an impact of the lives of others, especially people like me who are stuck in a job that is really unfulfilling. I felt it was important to tell you how much you’ve helped me without even knowing it.” – Joanie Berthiaume

“Thank you for your guidance through your Facebook posts. I just made a big professional change in order to respect the time I want to spend with my family and friends. It has taken me a lot of courage to leave a stable average job and embark on a not so stable journey that will give me a more flexible life and rewarding job. Without knowing it, you’ve help me a lot.”  – Sophie Leduc

Receiving these powerful statements from people I had unintentionally impacted just by living my life, showed me that I was making a difference. This is where I began to fully understand the power of mentorship. Inspiring others by trying, falling, getting back up, trying again, and sharing lessons learned along the way.

If I could help others this much without realizing it, it made me wonder what kind of difference I could make if I shared my story, challenges and lessons learned, in a more intentional way.

This book is the result of that.

I receive an overwhelming number of emails from people telling me how inspired they are by how I live my life, and wondering how I made it all happen. While I’m flattered by the kind words and praise, it’s also slightly frustrating because I would love nothing more than for them to see their own potential, and take action to create something extraordinary for themselves. I want them to be in awe of their own capacity – not just settling for ‘meh’ in their lives, while they watch others from the sidelines.

What would it take for them to shake off the numbness of just getting by, and take a chance on themselves? What do they need to know to embrace the art of making things happen? To take a leap into the unknown, and trust their ability to create a rich and meaningful life?

This book is the answer to these questions. It addresses the yearning that every human has – consciously or unconsciously- to create something better for themselves.

It’s for people who are scared to take leaps or make big changes, and who are settling instead. For those who’ve become paralyzed by their mistakes and now feel stuck on a path that’s not their own. For people yearning for something more, but who feel ridiculous at the thought of even trying. They know they want to make something happen, they just don’t know where to start.

This book is a guide to living your dream life, and doing the work that needs to be done to make things happen.

This book is proof that we’re never in this journey alone. Someone has walked a similar path before, and if you look, there are always stories to be inspired by, and to learn from.

It’s about my story, and it serves as a guide to encourage and mentor others to make things happen for themselves. In it, I openly share my journey, my successes, and my failures, so that people have an inspiring example that they can relate to.

At each moment in our life there is a time for setting intention, a time for taking action, and a time for letting go. This book walks people through each one of these stages, guiding them gently towards uncovering what they need to create an amazing life on their terms. It’s more than just theory. It’s my sweat, tears, and hard-won celebrations in action.

It’s a testimonial to what’s possible through the lense of my life experience.

It’s about learning the balance between making things happen, and letting things happen. How to take responsibility for what you want, and how to show up as a leader, not a victim. I believe that our main purpose in life is to grow into the best version of ourselves – to fulfill our highest potential. Yet many of us stick to mediocrity because it feels much safer… and frankly, it’s easier. Things get messy when we take leaps, and people don’t like the discomfort. So we settle, we give up.

The actions we are not willing to take, or the decisions we are not willing to make, are the ones that will change our lives.

Overcoming that unwillingness, and deciding never to settle, changed my life forever. I grew up as a terrified child, suffered severe anxiety for 10 years, and spent most of my life feeling like I didn’t really fit in…anywhere. I felt like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. Despite this struggle, I decided at one point that I wanted to experience more than just my fears. As my yearnings for more got stronger, I started taking risks, facing my fear, and doing the work I was most resisting. It certainly wasn’t an easy journey, but the results have been worth every challenging moment.

It’s been over 9 years now since I took the first big leap, created a version of my life that was in line with my dreams, became an entrepreneur, and decided that I wasn’t going to settle. The journey has been scary, exhilarating, definitely bumpy at times, but always fulfilling. This book is a recounting of this journey – one that’s far from over!

I know this journey is worth taking, and it fills me up to see others step into their own potential when they see this too. It’s what gets me out of bed in the morning. As a Yoga Therapist and business coach, I’ve been doing this work with my clients, and with groups, for nearly a decade. I practice what I preach, and it’s a constant journey of learning, growing, reflecting on what worked and what didn’t, and sharing it with my clients in the spirit of mentorship.

This lifetime needs more courageous leaders and achievers, and the only way this will happen is if some of us take the leap first, and show that the hard work, struggle and discomfort we experience as we walk down the path less traveled is worth it.

We need to tell our stories, and serving as a mentor is a responsibility that I take on joyfully.

What drives me to share my story is a desire to move beyond personal fulfillment and inspire others to take action towards their best life too. I’m willing to put my mistakes, my stumbles and my victories, and the lessons I’ve learned out there for exactly this reason. I want those who are considering a leap of their own to feel supported and understood.

To hope for the big dreams, and take small daily actions to get there.