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There is soooo much confusion around fulfilling your purpose that it actually gets people sidetracked from ACTUALLY fulfilling their purpose. We get distracted by looking for this shiny thing that is suppose to feel like our PURPOSE, then when we can’t find it we feel lost and confused, simmering in anxiety.

Fulfilling your purpose is simple yet messy, not clear and not glamourous. The result of doing the small daily actions of what I talk about in this episode then leads to all the pieces coming together and looking “pretty” but the journey is different than what we all expect. My wish is that after listening to this episode you will feel motivated to just do what you are so great at daily, that you will feel a clear sense of direction and not get distracted with this (fake) idea that you need to find this thing that you can’t seem to find. I bet that you are ALREADY on the right track and you don’t even know it 😉.


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