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I couldn’t help but write this article on branding with a delicious glass of red wine in hand, more specifically a glass of Sutter Home. This company is onto something that many of us entrepreneurs can learn from for our success. They blew my mind and won my heart. Here’s how:

For those who don’t know me, I’m a huge wine lover. I adore the taste, the experience and how it represents cozy relaxation time for me. When I discovered Sutter Home not only did I appreciate the quality of the product but I was blown away by their branding and how it made me feel as a consumer regarding their product. This company is genius and they know exactly how to reel in their ideal customer – aka me – and make them feel really special! 

I very randomly fell on a bottle a few months ago, brought it home and popped her open! When I took off the plastic cap to unscrew the cork I couldn’t believe what I saw! This simple action of uncorking a bottle that people do time and time again just became a very unique and enjoyable experience. As I peeled off the plastic on the cork it read enjoy!

I literally felt like they were speaking directly to me through this simple yet thoughtful detail. I was so excited that I texted Geneviève, my business partner: “Oh my god I just found the best bottle of wine ever!!” 

Sutter home wines, branding, Jennifer Young, Injoy business

Beautiful branding helps me thrive as an entrepreneur. I get so excited about the amazing experience you can offer your customers and Sutter Home is doing an amazing job at it. The experience with them wasn’t over. As I uncorked the bottle, I sat down with my glass of wine, smiling and holding the the cork in my hand, knowing that I was going to save it for inspiration and then as I twirled it in my hand it flipped to the over side and I discovered this lovely message: 

Sutter home wines, branding, Jennifer Young, Injoy business

By now, my boyfriend thought I was loosing it as he saw me getting more and more excited over a wine cork! I couldn’t help but send my business partner another message just totally in awe of this company: “OMG Gen look at the other end!”

Can you see how you can really become unique in your field and bring forth that special something that you have to offer? There is no competition in life, because no one can replicate how you make people feel. Someone had a vision at this company about how they wanted to make their customers feel and no one else could have replicated that.

If you grab your clients by the heart and make them feel heard and special, you’re setting up a huge potential for a long term relationship with them and for long term success. Sutter Home is a part of my life now and you can bet that they will always be my first choice when I step into the SAQ. Not only do I now want to buy their wine, but I want to learn about their company too. They’ve also become a key part in the experience I offer when renting out my cottage as I offer each new customer a bottle of Sutter Home wine when they arrive for their stay. Because of the simple intention of making their customers feel special, they’ve won my heart for life. Just before writing this article I went onto their website and was once more impressed with more surprises. This beautifully crafted legal text that made me smile:

Sutter home wines, branding, Jennifer Young, Injoy business

In addition to this, the look and feel of their website (featured image) makes me feel like I just stepped into the country. I hope this article serves as a source of inspiration to encourage you to bring that special touch to your business. Make the experience for your customers unforgettable. On that note, I’m off to enjoy a magnificent bottle of wine.

Cheers to your success and INJOY the business journey!


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