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I recently felt like I was running on empty and I decided to take a break, to press pause. Or maybe I should say I listened as life was screaming at me to do so. Oprah says that life whispers important information to us and if we don’t pay attention to the whisper, it gets louder. Well mine got real loud! Honestly, my sense of direction felt scattered and I knew deep down that getting quiet and stepping back from things was the only way I could gain perspective.

Not to say that pressing pause means we don’t do anything at all.  What I mean is to be more present in the “listening space”, to pay attention to what’s going on and what you actually really want.

When we’re always in “action”, we often end up being on auto pilot.  We don’t have time to make conscious decisions, we’re just going from one thing to the next, functioning automatically.

So getting quiet and pressing pause helped me gain perspective and re-center myself so that I could get back on track with what I knew for sure! And in that space I found my flow again, which for me is moving forward with little effort, good results, feeling happy and fulfilled.

I’d like to encourage you to also take a breather and see if it helps you gain clarity, both in business and in life. I know it’s scary to slow down and it feels so counterintuitive, especially when we feel like we need to make changes or we want results but trust me, you won’t regret it. Because then, when you do take action, it will feel more like it’s coming from a place of “this is the next right step”.  And taking action from that place is so much better than when we do something we think we “should” be doingINJOY!

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