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It’s a pleasure to meet you (virtually). Wherever

you’ve fallen from to my site, I hope my story and

mission inspires you to bring to life whatever

you are yearning for.

I’m a quite unique blend of many things. Often being described as a cross between Richard Branson (tactical & hands on) and Oprah (inspirational), I find happiness in being in constant conversation with people. I come from a past with a bumpy road that has taught me so much about life and all the possibilities out there for all of us. From a young age I suffered severely with anxiety and have had to do some deep soul searching to find a place of peace and satisfaction in life.

Finding happiness and comfort was a very uncomfortable journey for a long time. I’ve never fit well into any mould or system (especially school, I was a terrible student) and have always struggled being an employee. Having a job has always been painful for me, mentally and physically. I’ve always had this strong creative drive in me that needed to be channelled into something meaningful and inspirational. Unfortunately we’re not taught how to leverage that growing up which is why for a long time I struggled finding my place in this world but my intuition has always been my best guide.

As I began this discovery of who I was and what I wanted to do with my life, I started with the most logical option for someone who felt creative; I studied Interior Design. Not feeling fulfilled by the impact I could make, I went on to become an Early Childhood Educator for 5 years which led me to discover how I could merge my creativity and passion for teaching to create something of my own; a business. A place where I could have complete freedom, limitless opportunities and the possibility to make a huge positive dent in this lifetime for people. Life started to make sense.

The actions you are not willing to take, or the decisions you are not willing to make,

are the ones that will change your life


My entrepreneurial journey started by becoming a yoga teacher. I had been practicing yoga for years and it had helped enormously through anxiety and other life hurdles. It was the next logical step in making a bigger impact, in a way that felt more like mine. As much as I loved yoga and helping people through the practice, I was always being pulled towards the ‘business’ part of it all; the marketing, the branding and the bigger visions and impacts I could make. I couldn’t pull myself away from my laptop and from envisioning the next steps of growth for my business & projects. Still ignoring the whisper that it was time for me to move on from teaching yoga to run a business and continue helping people through my other projects, I continued to open a wellness center in Montreal.

This was probably the most important milestone in the last 7+ years of working for myself as it confirmed 100% that I needed to create something bigger than myself and run a business. That year when I was running the wellness center and while the whisper to stop teaching yoga got louder and louder, I left for a trip to Ireland. While I was driving through the beautiful Wicklow mountains, I got the vision of what I needed to bring to life. It was so powerful that I had to take a note pad out and write. I wrote until I could barely hold my pen anymore.

Fast forward to today. I’ve let myself grow with the bigger visions I was having and in January 2015 I launched Injoy Business, a destination where personal development meets business coaching for entrepreneurs to grow into their fullest potential and take that next step forward. And this is just the start of the vision I had in Ireland.

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