Videotherapy on demand is a signature service that I have created to allow you to have your own personalized health & wellness practice at home designed and created personally by MOI! Here are some of the reasons why you would invest in Videotherapy:

  1. You would like to build a home (yoga, meditation, relaxation, breathing) practice and need guidance
  2. You are dealing with specific health issues and would like have access to a Yogatherapy practice to help you with your health & to find more balance
  3. You would like to integrate more discipline into your life and need guidance from a qualified teacher
  4. You don’t have access to Yoga/Yogatherapy where you live and would like to begin or continue a practice
  5. You are inspired by my work but live too far to come see me in person
  6. And any other reason is valuable!

*Naturotherapy Insurance receipts available


Before purchasing a session, please send in your request here: