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We’re quite serious when we say that we want you to fail but there is a valid reason behind this bold statement. Failure has such a negative connotation because of the way we perceive it and how we think it reflects on us. Within each failure or mistake, there are powerful lessons that will help us grow. Knowing how to fail with pride and inner peace can help you tap into some powerful potential. The reason we want you to fail is because we actually want you to succeed. Trust us, if there is one thing we know for sure in business it’s that you have to screw up, change directions or be completely and utterly confused sometimes in order to make that next important shift.

If you think about the last time you were fearful about a decision you had to make or a next step you needed to take, it all comes down to one thing: being afraid of not achieving the result you want and of how others will perceive your “failure”. If we get rid of that layer of fear, all we have left is the opportunity to take leaps forward and get closer to our goals. Life has many little surprises to offer and once we realize that it’s not only up to us, we can grasp the concept of letting go and trusting in the path we are on.  Trial and error is essential to gain clarity in our lives and to get answers regarding what we truly want. When you fail at something, or when life/business/love doesn’t work out the way you hoped, see it as an opportunity to check off one more thing that was taking up your time that was not meant to be AND see what you can learn from it.

Pin point what insights you can get from the experience that will help you see clearly what’s waiting for you in the future. Every time we get to hit the delete button in our business or in our lives, we get more mental space to focus on the potential for success that is just around the corner. Sometimes life is as simple trying things in order to eliminate what doesn’t work to see more clearly the path towards our true potential. That being said, you don’t need to hit the trash button as soon as you feel that something is hard to achieve or if you don’t succeed right away, but at least be open to the possibility of things not working out and more importantly gaining insightful lessons rather than beating yourself up. Only those willing to take risks in order to gain anything are those who will succeed.

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There is a way to have goals, plan for success and develop an ideal vision for what we want in our future while being open and flexible for things to not work out exactly how we expected. Anytime something doesn’t work out how you hoped in your business, life is simply helping you steer in a better direction. Business is a constant journey of trial and error. The willingness to constantly learn and the courage to take inspired action is key to your success.

The actions you are not willing to take or the decisions you are not willing to make are the ones that will change your life. – Jennifer Young

Cheers to your success and INJOY the business journey.


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