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God, us humans have a hard time letting go don’t we? When we’re faced with struggles & challenges we think that we have so much to do to fix that obstacle in front of us (or in our head). In “The art of making things happen’s” formula of creating Intention, Action & Letting Go, letting go is most often the most difficult one to put into practice. Because that means releasing control and trusting life, which, quite frankly is not an easy thing to do. Over and over again, life has shown me (and probably you too) that it’s got our back and when we just relax, everything falls into place. Creating a clear intention and taking the right, simple actions IS A GOOD thing to do. The problem is we over do the actions. We force things. And we overthink a problem that just needs time so that it can evolve. I hope this episode inspires you to take a step back from whatever feels challenging to you right now so that you can gain some fresh new perspective to take that next step forward.


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