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The art of getting started and getting unstuck!

My background in Yogatherapy and 10 years experience as an entrepreneur allows me to offer very flexible and customized support. Personal development is weaved into everything I do with my clients to help them grow into their fullest potential.

Whether you need support in your personal life or your business I can help!

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You can book me at my hourly coaching rate of $125 (packages available for longer term support) or use the services offered at Injoy Business to Start a business or Grow your business

Jennifer, I’m writing to tell you how much you inspire me. This week I watched one of your videos and read one of your articles and it brought me to the realization that after having my first child at a very young age, I just followed the flow of life without ever asking myself what I truly wanted. My current job really doesn’t satisfy me but for years I’ve been reading about how to find the job of my dreams without much results. Each time I look at how you’re living your life and encouraging others to do the same it inspires me. Keep doing your great work because you truly have an impact on the lives of others. I felt it was important to tell you how much you’ve helped me without even knowing it. I’m so happy to be working with you today to start my own business!

Joanie Berthiaume

Pure Design

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