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The struggle is real! We all have moments when we feel broken. When we’re a complete mess and shit goes sideways. How most of us react, is that we resist letting that be. We fight back, we try to fix things or we simply make ourselves feel like a real sh*it. Especially when we become more successful or more evolved, we think that we shouldn’t be feeling like that. Why would we when everything is suppose to be going right. The truth is, things have to sometimes go wrong. Happiness and comfort are not consistent things that we can expect to have all the time.

It’s fine to feel broken sometimes and to let yourself be broken for the time that it needs to last. You can’t always have your shit together. Some days are smooth and others are not. The more you just go with the flow of things, the less you will be battling with life. I hope this episodes inspires you to embrace feeling broken when it does happen and maybe even enjoys those moments to check out!


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